Top 12 from Semi-finals

Alphabetical Order By First Name

Chantalyne Leonhardt age 14 Chesterville ON.
Clair Maloney age 13 Orleans ON.
Gillian Fenwick age 15 Ottawa ON.
Jaycee Corriveau age 13 Kanata ON.
Jenna Stanley Smith age 20 Ottawa ON.
Jessica Burden  Cheresna  age 18 Nepean ON.
Karolina Moo age 13 Stittsville ON.
Lisa Silliker age 16 Kanata ON.
Mariam Abdel Akher age 17  Beaconhill
Richard Harding 18 Orleans ON.
Shyanne Gauvin age 17 Hunt Club
Stephanie Bullock age 20 Kanata


Top 12 on September 5, from 10:00 to 16:00 at the Algonquin Commons Theatre